Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching practice is founded on the pillars of effective behavioral and psychological feedback combined with a clear focus on the strategic agenda of the business. Our objective is to serve the development needs of the individuals we coach while advancing the business goals for which they are responsible. We work with a proven battery of psychological assessment instruments as well as 360-degree feedback data. We combine these with stakeholder interviews to create a profile of the individual as they are perceived by themselves and others. Using this information as a starting point, we contract with the individual and his or her manager to establish desired outcomes in terms of both behaviors and business results.

Coaching then occurs over a period of months with both face-to-face meetings and periodic engagements via phone and e-mail to help the individual advance toward his or her goals. The coaching work involves periodic check-ins with the individual's manager and may also include goal alignment, teambuilding and planning sessions with the coachee's team. Some coaching assignments include a combination of one-on-one engagements with both a team leader and most or all members of the leader's team.

We believe that individual leadership effectiveness is the result of individual self-awareness combined with a clear strategic focus and appropriate tools for team engagement. Our practice addresses all three of these dimensions. We have provided coaching to CEOs, CFOs, Business Unit Presidents and other senior leaders in the financial services, pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing and media and entertainment sectors.

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